The Contract

Your contract is with Lamlash House Events (referred to as ‘Lamlash House’ in these Terms and Conditions) owned and operated by Gordon McDonald and Johnathan Muirhead, Lamlash House, 1 Brown Street/1 Brown’s Road, Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland.

In these Terms and Conditions, 'The Client' refers to the individuals who propose to hold their Wedding Event at Lamlash House and who complete the Wedding Event Booking Form.  ‘The Client’ cannot be anyone else unless otherwise agreed with those above and submitted in writing to Lamlash House at the time of booking. 

‘The Supplier’ refers to any authorised sub-contractor, supplier or artist requested to attend Lamlash House by ‘The Client’

Any persons attending the wedding event is deemed either to be at the Client’s request or the Client’s invitation.


Making a Reservation

The Client can reserve a wedding date either face-to-face, by telephone, e-mail, website form submission or via a message on social media.

Lamlash House will confirm availability of the proposed date at its earliest convenience to the Client either face-to-face, by telephone, e-mail, website form submission or via a message on social media.

On availability, Lamlash House will provisionally hold the date chosen by the Client for seven days from the initial request date to allow the Client to visit Lamlash House. Based on discussions with the Client, a Wedding Estimate will be prepared and forwarded to the Client together with a copy of the Terms and Conditions for the hire of Lamlash House as a Wedding Venue Hire when the Client instructs Lamlash House to provide detailed costings of the wedding requirements. Thereafter the Client will have 7 days in order to confirm if they intent to proceed to the booking stage. If no confirmation is received by Lamlash House from the Client at the end of this 7 day period, Lamlash House will release the date previously intimated by the Client.


Confirmation of a Booking

If the Client decides to proceed to the booking stage, the Client will complete the Wedding Event Booking Form which is enclosed with the Wedding Estimate provided by Lamlash House and this shall be returned within seven days of receiving the Wedding Estimate. On doing so, the Client agrees that they have read and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Confirmation of a booking is not possible without the Wedding Event Booking Form being completed and returned to Lamlash House. 

The Client who agrees these Terms and Conditions does so on behalf of any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation and binds them jointly and severally to the terms therein. The Client agrees to take full responsibility for all those requested or invited by the Client. 

While the Wedding Estimate will be based on information provided by the Client and may include guide prices in relation to certain elements, a firmed up Wedding Estimate can only be sent out to the Client once agreement has been made on the proposed wedding requirements. These include:

- Time and Date of the Wedding

- Format Requirements (Ceremony Only/Ceremony & Wedding Feast/ Ceremony, Wedding Feast & Evening Reception)

- Number of guests (including wedding couple)

- Wedding Feast Options (if applicable)

- Drinks Options Selected (if applicable)

- Additional Food and Drink Options (if applicable)

- Any other additional elements discussed with the Wedding Coordinator and Client

- Number of payment instalments



Lamlash House will request a non-refundable deposit for wedding venue hires.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the anticipated final balance will be paid to Lamlash House in six or less equal monthly instalments, starting immediately after the expiry of the initial seven day reservation period. The number of instalments shall be agreed with Lamlash House when the Wedding Event Booking Form has been submitted.

Should an instalment of the non-refundable deposit not be received on one of the agreed monthly dates, Lamlash House will notify the Client by e-mail to remind them that the instalment has to be paid.  Should this instalment still not be received one week after the agreed monthly date, then the booking shall be treated as a Cancellation by the Client (See Client Cancellation below) and the wedding date will be released unless otherwise agreed with Lamlash House.

The specific payment dates will be outlined by Lamlash House in the Wedding Estimate.

After the initial deposit has been paid, the Client may wish to continue paying by monthly instalments, however the ‘estimated’ final balance must be paid one calendar month prior to the Wedding Date. 

Lamlash House reserves the right to pass on increases in costs over the period from booking to the wedding date itself and will confirm the final price one month and one day before the wedding, or earlier if full details are available. The final price will not, unless Lamlash House agrees otherwise, be lower than the current Wedding Estimate.

Payments may be made by cash or electronic bank transfer.  For electronic bank transfer, Lamlash House Bank details are indicated on the Wedding Estimate.  All payments are to be made in £Sterling.

On occasions someone else (such as a parent) may wish to make payments to Lamlash House on the Client’s behalf.  Such payments are acceptable, but please note that unless otherwise agreed with the Client in writing, the Client is legally responsible for any payments due to Lamlash House.

All payments made are deemed to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

If the ‘estimated’ final balance is not paid one calendar month prior to the Wedding Date, a representative of Lamlash House will contact the Client to remind them that the final balance has to be paid.  If payment is not made by the revised requested date, the booking shall be treated as a Cancellation by the Client (See Client Cancellation below) and the wedding date will be released.

Those choosing to hold their event at Lamlash House will be contributing towards the ongoing restoration of this unique Grade B Listed building.  A 5% restoration fee is added to the total cost of the wedding.


Client Cancellation

Should the Client wish to cancel their booking, this should be notified in writing and the Client will forego the non-refundable deposits which have been paid up to that point. 

Cancellation received with less than one calendar month’s notice of the Wedding Day will result in the loss of all payments made.


Cancellation By Lamlash House

Lamlash House may cancel the booking under the following circumstances:

If the House, or any part of it, is closed due to fire/flood or an act of god (see Force Majeure below), or by order of any public authority, or for any other reason that could not be foreseen at the time of the booking; if the Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership; if the Client is more than 30 days in arrears with payment to Lamlash House or if the booking may prejudice the reputation or cause any damage to Lamlash House.


Changes to Guest Numbers/Menus/Drinks Options/Event Rooms

The Client will complete a full list of invited guests and make this available to Lamlash House one month prior to the Wedding Day.  If the Client alters the guest list without prior agreement and/or if additional guests are given unauthorised access to Lamlash House, then the additional costs incurred will be deducted from the Cautionary Deposit (see below). Lamlash House reserves the right to refuse admission to the property of any persons not specifically named on the Client’s list of invited guests.

All invited guests will be requested to confirm their name to a member of the Lamlash House staff on arrival.  The purpose of the Client’s guest list is to assist with the implementation of the Lamlash House Emergency Evacuation Procedures should it be required to do so.

The Client shall notify Lamlash House no later than one week before the Wedding Day if the number of attending guests has reduced, however this cannot be less than 90% of the initial number booked. Lamlash House reserves the right to charge in full for these guests where the notice period is less than one week. Lamlash House will make reasonable arrangements to accommodate any increase in numbers and this new number will become the minimum number of guests to be charged.

However, there is a maximum capacity for the number of guests at the property, with each room having an agreed maximum capacity. If this capacity has been met, it will not be possible to increase numbers due to Building Standards and Health & Safety regulations. 

Admittance to the property as a whole or to certain rooms may be refused if this condition is not observed.

The Client must advise Lamlash House of any dietary requirements at least 10 working days before the Wedding Day, otherwise Lamlash House cannot guarantee that the specific dietary requirements can be met.



The Client is hiring the house and garden for their event. Lamlash House is not responsible for any events or activity (public or private) which may take place out-with the boundary of the house at the same time as the wedding event and cannot be held responsible for any disturbance due to any activities within the vicinity of the house and garden.

The Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions does so on behalf of any Suppliers preparing and setting-up for the event, or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation and binds them jointly and severally to the terms therein.

The Client shall make all persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation and all Suppliers aware that these Terms and Conditions can be reviewed online at .


Zero Tolerance Policy Statement

No part of Lamlash House or its grounds is to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.

Lamlash House has a Zero Tolerance stance for unauthorised drugs, weapons or any other potentially harmful items in the house or grounds.

No one shall enter Lamlash House or its grounds if under the influence of illegal or improperly utilised drugs or excessive alcohol. Lamlash House reserves the right to either refuse entry to any person believed to be under the influence of illegal drugs or overly intoxicated; equally Lamlash House reserves the right to ask any person who becomes overly intoxicated to leave the premises.  Any person asked to leave must do so without any objection, aggression or disturbance to others.  Ultimately the Client is responsible for the acceptable behaviour of all invited guests and appointed Suppliers.  


Smoking Policy

Lamlash House is a no-smoking premises. This Smoking Policy is in place due to the historic nature of the Grade B Listed property and to comply with property Insurance arrangements.  For the avoidance of doubt no person present at an event, whether as the Client’s guest, an employee, or any other person, shall smoke (or use E-cigarettes) in any part of the property or garden areas, since this is in contravention with the Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2006.  Any person wishing to smoke or use E-cigarettes must do so completely off the premises.  Any person failing to adhere to this condition may cause the Client to forfeit a portion of the Cautionary Deposit (see Cautionary Deposit below). 


External Services

If the Client wishes to employ the services of an outside Supplier or Contractor other than those provided by Lamlash House, the client must undertake to indemnify Lamlash House against any claims made against them resulting from an act or default by the Clients’ Suppliers or Contractors or caused by equipment supplied. This indemnity is also to include cover under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Any outside contractor must comply with appropriate legislation including the Fire Precautions Act. Lamlash House reserves the right to refuse access without prejudice to any contractor.

Any external contractors must not carry out any electrical or other works at Lamlash House, including amplification and lighting, without prior written consent.



The Client assumes all responsibility for any damage they, their Suppliers or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation may cause during the event at Lamlash House. The Client will make all persons attending the wedding event at their request or invitation aware that they are entering an Historic Grade B Listed Building and appropriate care should be adhered to at all times.

To this end, care must be taken by the Client and all those requested or invited by the Client to ensure that all aspects of the property including building, garden, fixtures, fittings, furniture, pictures and other effects in or around the property shall be left in the same state of repair and condition at the end of the wedding event as was found on arrival.  As the property was built in 1890, certain elements are fragile and irreplaceable and extra care must be taken in and around the property. Some pieces of furniture are not to be used, and these items are suitably labelled. 

The Client, the Client’s invited guests or the Client’s Suppliers shall not fix by any means any item to any of the internal walls, staircases, ceilings or door surfaces within Lamlash House.  Any requests for additional decorations must be agreed in advance of the wedding event and should such agreement be granted, all works must be supervised by a member of the Lamlash House staff to avoid any undue damage to internal surfaces. 

The Client will indemnify Lamlash House from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, damages and claims arising in respect of damage caused by the client and/or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation to any aspect of the property at Lamlash House. Any claims made against the client will be deducted from a Cautionary Deposit (see Payment of Cautionary Deposit).


Payment of Cautionary Deposit

A Cautionary Deposit is required to cover costs resulting from the action or inaction of the Client or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation (but not limited to): the property being left in an unreasonable state, non-payment of food and beverage taken, neglect or damage to the property, damage or loss of contents and/or any extra or excessive cleaning costs required.

Payment of the Cautionary deposit can be made by the Client by the following means:

Payment of £1,000 by bank transfer. The Client must allow sufficient time to ensure that the funds are cleared the day before the wedding date.

At present payments of the Cautionary Deposit are not possible by debit or credit card, although it is anticipated that these will be introduced early 2019.  This will mean providing valid credit card details and granting a pre authorisation amount of £1,000. Please note that a pre authorisation does not debit any money, it reserves the amount stated until the pre authorisation is cancelled. This will reduce the credit limit on the card by the amount stated. 

Cheques will not be accepted for Cautionary Deposit payments.

Lamlash House will endeavour to email a reminder for the Cautionary Deposit to the Client, however it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure payment of this is received in full by Lamlash House one week before the wedding date.

Access to the property will be denied if full payment of the Cautionary Deposit has not been made by one of the above methods and the booking will be treated as a cancellation, and as such no refund will be due or issued.


Refund of the Cautionary Deposit

The cautionary deposit will be refunded if taken by bank transfer and if applicable, any credit card pre authorisation cancelled within a reasonable time after the wedding date, less any costs incurred.

In the event of damages attributed to the Client or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation during their time at Lamlash House shall notify this to the Client as quickly as reasonably possible together with any evidence provided by Lamlash House. The cost of any remedial action shall be deducted from the Cautionary Deposit and the balance refunded to the Client.

In the event that the cost of rectification for losses or damage caused by the Client or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation exceeds the Cautionary Deposit held, Lamlash House shall notify the Client of any additional amount owing. The Client is advised that Lamlash House reserves the right to pursue recovery of any additional cost over and above the Cautionary Deposit and for this reason adequate personal liability insurance is strongly recommended (See Insurance Requirements below).

Lamlash House will not be held accountable for any bank charges or other losses incurred by the Client that result from Lamlash House being unable to contact the Client to advise of any losses or damages that may have occurred during their Wedding Event requiring deduction from the Cautionary Deposit. In this instance, Lamlash House cannot guarantee the balance of these funds will be refunded within 14 days.

Where the Cautionary deposit is paid by bank transfer it shall be refunded by bank transfer. To facilitate this, the Client must provide Lamlash House with their correct bank account details. Refund of the Cautionary Deposit will not be processed until Lamlash House is in receipt of the Client’s account details. Lamlash House cannot be held responsible if the Cautionary Deposit is not refunded within a reasonable time if this information has not been provided. A charge may apply where the Cautionary Deposit is credited to an international bank account.


Compliance/Breach of Contract

The Client and any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation must comply with all Licensing, Health & Safety and other regulations relating to the property:            

Lamlash House must adhere to the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. Any evidence of alcohol found in the property or grounds that has not been purchased from Lamlash House will be charged to the Client at the published rate.  Lamlash House does not offer a corkage facility at Wedding Events.

Only food purchased on the premises can be consumed on the premises, unless prior agreement by an approved external service (as mentioned in External Services above).

The Client, guests and Suppliers must act in a proper and courteous manner while in attendance at the wedding event.

The Client or any persons attending agrees to not, under any circumstances, exploit for commercial purposes any photographic or moving images of the property.

If any of the above conditions are breached by the Client, Suppliers or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation, Lamlash House reserves the right to request that the party leave the property with immediate effect.


Insurance Requirements

Although not mandatory as part of the Terms and Conditions, Lamlash House strongly advises the purchase of Wedding Insurance including Public Liability. The Client should obtain insurance that at least includes cancellation cover for the value of their booking for their own protection. Ideally the insurance policy will cover other eventualities such as travel and road conditions as Lamlash House shall not be liable for circumstances that may prevent the Client or any persons attending the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation from accessing the property (See Force Majeure, below).


Force Majeure

Lamlash House cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of its contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to Force Majeure. Force Majeure is any event, which Lamlash House could not, even with all due care and attention, avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil strife, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, fire, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen local building or road-works, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellations or changes of schedule by scheduled airlines and all similar circumstances beyond its control.



Lamlash House shall not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which the Client or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the property and its grounds. In addition, Lamlash House accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the Client's possessions, or the possessions of any persons or Suppliers attending or involved in the wedding event at the Client’s request or invitation either in the property and its grounds, however caused.

Lamlash House is an historic building, and as such some floor surfaces and ground surfaces in the garden are uneven due to the age of the property and care should be taken at all times. The Client and all those requested or invited by the Client are advised to hold handrails when ascending and descending staircases and steps. 

Any issue which the Client may wish to raise with Lamlash House in connection with the wedding event must be forwarded within two working days of the date of the event and the liability of the latter shall not exceed 10% of the total invoice value. Lamlash House will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, consequential or economic losses.


Governing Law

This agreement is governed by Scots Law with Scottish Courts having exclusive jurisdiction.